Krist Adams’ Church Consultation Services or How To Grow A Church

I’m thinking of starting my own church consultation company. Me and my team will come in, look at your church from the outside in to see where you can improve, where you can change things, add things, delete things to boost attendance, improve your offering, and get more of the things that matter most and […]

That Kind of Preaching Doesn’t Belong Here

Have you heard the sad news of the 103 year old who was barred from attending the church that she had been attending since she was 11? It is a sad story, with lessons we can all learn. She and the pastor had some kind of disagreement and she was barred from the church, just […]

How To Know The Will Of God

I heard a man on the radio the other day preaching that as Christians, if we don’t get what we want, we should take that as an indication that God doesn’t want us to have it.  He said that we should take not only what God does, but what He doesn’t do as an indication […]

If An iPad Be Lifted Up…

There are churches, ministries, pastors, people all across the nation, across the world who have all sorts of ideas of how to reach the world for Jesus Christ. However, all these ideas are nothing more than guessing. The only way we are going to reach our community, our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ […]