The Church Vs The Devil

After the Lord revealed to Dr. Kenneth E Hagin an attack the devil was wanting to bring against America, He told him, “You saw the same thing in 1970. I told you then exactly what they were, but you didn’t do what you should have done about it. I told you back in 1970 to […]

The Purpose Of Stage Lighting

In the culture of the church today, it has become the trend to have a stage design, stage lighting, even a whole light show to accompany a worship service. That is, if you can afford it. If you can’t, then you do your best to have some kind of stage lighting to keep the audience’s […]

Giving Away Our Authority To Politicians

If you’re a Christian, pretend for a moment you’re not. Terrible thing, yes, but just pretend you aren’t and wrap your head around this thought: The government of a nation runs a nation. Politics and politicians run a nation. Now come back to the land of the living, as a Christian and think on that […]

The Mask Sign No One Follows

During these pandemic times, I have watched as regulations are initiated through businesses across my city. I’ve noticed that in five particular nationwide businesses, they all have signs that read “Masks must be worn” before entering the building. On every door, before you walk through it, there is a sign. At some, there is a […]

It’s Our Fault

If anyone thinks that the church today is as strong as ever, they need to take a step back and re-evaluate things. Many today think that everything in the church, and in their lives is going just fine and nothing is wrong. It’s just the world that is crazy. They think we’re doing good and […]

What The World Says, What The Word Says

We’re living in times when the world is yelling at the top of its lungs. It’s yelling at all of us. It’s yelling at us from the TV, the radio, on the web, and now at every business we enter (if we’re allowed to enter it). And if we’re not, we’re being yelled at about […]

Why The Pandemic Happened

As we all sit at home, go about our daily lives in a way that none of us have ever known, the thought might have crossed someone’s mind as to how in the world did this happen? And of course when that comes, we find someone to blame. We blame China, or the world leaders, […]

Is God Really Fighting For You?

There’s been a few different songs popping up in worship services across the country, and on the radio that declare that God is fighting for us. They’re harmonizing how the battle is the Lord’s. But let me asking you this, “Do you believe that?” Do you really believe that the Lord is fighting for you? […]

The Humanistic Church

Note: Don’t stop reading if you get mad, or disagree, or think I’m a nut. Many times we tune people out because of such things and we fail to learn the things God wants us to learn, even if it’s not through the words that are actually spoken or written. If we look at the […]

The Voice Activated Life

Technology has changed a lot in the past few years, and it’s changed quickly. We have all sorts of things that would amaze people just ten, fifteen, twenty year ago. We have face recognition software, voice recognition software, and voice activation software. We have Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant that listens, hears, and does […]