The Devil’s Haunted House

The devil's haunted houseHaunted Houses are big at this time of year. People like to be scared. But there’s real fears out there that go beyond monsters and all the things associated with Halloween. There’s fear of failure, fear of the future, fear of classmates. The list can go on and on. These fears have their root in the devil. Fear comes from the devil. I’m not talking about the reverential kind of fear that we have fro God. I’m talking about the fear that paralyzes us to the point where we won’t walk into a dark room. These are the real fears in the haunted house – every day issues that come against us. But the devil has a haunted house too. There’s a place that the devil fears to go. That’s the place where there is a born again Christian who knows their authority in Christ. Yes, you may be saved, but if you don’t know the authority that Jesus has given you through His name, the devil will walk right over you. But if you do know your authority – you will be the devil’s haunted house – the place where he’s afraid to go.

The devil's haunted house
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