Giving A Moral Quote

    Earlier today I was looking around the web and on one of the forums I frequent I found a very odd post. It wasn’t odd, as you hear people asking questions like this all the time. But it was odd in the response that it got. I have been asked my hourly rate for […]

A Visit Home-Always A Photographic Opportunity

A few weeks ago I got to take a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a conference for work. The conference itself was amazing. During the trip though, I got to stop by my folks and visit for a few days. It was nice to go back to the hometown and visit with friends (the few […]

Rob Bell Is My God

Not really. Rick Warren is. That all might sound a little sacrilegious, but honestly, Christians, churches, and pastors all around the world say the exact same thing (or something similar) by their lifestyle, their choices, and the way they run their lives and ministries. Now I don’t have anything against Rob Bell or Rick Warren. […]

A Good Wife?

Okay, I was stumbling earlier and found this site here. It’s called Robin’s Web and I really didn’t look at the site so I don’t know what it’s about. But the post actually is just a repost of an article from Houskeeping Monthly (a magazine from the 50’s). In this post, it simply lists ways […]