The Graphic Artist Web Designer

I’ve been using this for a while, and I’m actually a version behind now, but I wanted to share a cool little plug-in that transforms graphic artists into web designers. How? By turning psd files into websites. You might have heard of it, Sitegrinder has been around for a while. If you read graphic design […]

Camera Plus

This is a simple photo I took of my son last weekend with my iPhone. Then I took it into this 99 cent app called Camera Plus and applied this pseudo-HDR effect. Pretty cheap considering the standard Photomatix version is around a hundred bucks.

Free Hi-Res Textures

Okay, went to the Philbrook Museum this weekend, more so to take pictures of my kids than to take pictures of art. We’ve been there a few times and since Alex turned 5 and Nate is about to turn 1, we decided to do their “- year old” pictures. While I was there, I also […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Epubs

    Okay, I know I usually do design stuff and talk about that, but in some round about way, creating epubs fits into design. Don’t ask how, I’ll leave that up to you.     At my job I have everything under the son to do, including creating epub files for one reason or another. This […]